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To better inform the extent of broadband coverage at a household level, this project will utilize ʻAuamo Collaborativeʻs extended network to gather data on broadband access in rural communities across Hawai`i by deploying  community members to monitor quality of coverage, ability to access broadband services, and gauge broadband utility.


Providing a clear map of actual vs. claimed coverage will better address the needs of communities by informing policy efforts that aim to create community-led solutions.  The map will allow us to better address the needs of communities who do not have broadband access and no infrastructure to allow access to existing services.  The data will inform efforts towards creative solutions in creating community networks, advocacy for underserved communities, as well as providing a snapshot of what community members need access for.


Partners:, Kamehameha Schools, Papa Ola Lōkahi-tbc, Internet Society, State Office Of Planning GIS,  University of Hawaii JABSOM, Hawaiʻi Green Growth, and additional partners to be determined.


Community Broadband/Digital Sovereignty Hui

We are honored to convene and facilitate the Community Broadband and Digital Sovereignty Hui in partnership with Kuauli Digital Opportunities Initiative, Kamehameha Schools, Puʻuhonua ʻo Waimanalo, Puʻuhonua ʻo Waianae, Internet Society, Department of Hawaiian Homelands, and other individuals dedicate to digital equity and community independence in managing their own broadband access in support of community self-determination.

Glowing Keyboard

Going live in March 2021.  Exploring disruptive leadership principles through real life examples and how leaders use aloha to disrupt decaying systems and motivate groups to come together to ideate solutions that improve outcomes for communities. In partnership with ʻAuamo Consulting LLC.


The Aloha Initiative

Soon to be launched.  The Aloha Initiative seeks to re-align our understanding of aloha and how it is vital to recovery efforts as we slowly come back from divisiveness, division, and apathy.  We recognize that the commodified version of aloha that is sold to the world is a poor analog to the depth of meaning and nuance contained in the concept of aloha.


In partnership with community leaders and organizations across the state, we coordinate the donation, refurbishment, and redistribution of computers to rural communities across the state, both for students and kupuna.


Building Community Resilience

ʻAuamo Collaborative is involved in the creation and coordination of community networks across the state to help narrow the digital equity gap by expanding broadband access in partnership with funding organizations, public and private institutions, and community groups.  We also provide educational programming and training that is culturally responsive and attempts to "de-colonize" our educational approaches.

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