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Click on the link above or use the QR code to take our survey and help inform broadband advocacy and access in Hawaii!!



ʻAuamo Collaborative is hiring temporary, contracted Community Liaisons to assist with data collection for our Rural Broadband Mapping Project, beginning next month.


  • Community Liaisons will work in the field to visit households in rural communities on Hawaiʻi Island, Maui, Molokaʻi, Lanaʻi, and Kauaʻi.  Duties will include:


  • Visiting households and administering a short, online survey and internet speedtest in the targeted communities;


  • Collecting survey results and downloading them later in the event there is no connectivity at the targeted sites;


  • Provide courteous, clear, and concise explanation to communities about the project and the purpose for collecting the data:


  • Refer further questions or request for information to Project Manager


This is a temporary contracted position.  All successful applicants will be asked to visit communities over the course of the project term to administer a short online survey about broadband connectivity in rural communities. Community Liaisons will be compensated $150 per day and contract term will be up to 12 days total, depending on geographical location.  Work schedules will be determined by the Community Liaison and flexible as long as data collection targets are achieved.


This is an excellent part time opportunity for those who already live in or near the rural communities we are targeting, as we wish to help the economies of the communities we hope to serve.  


Interested applicants should send an email to  For more information, please go to for more information.

Thanks for submitting!

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Ensuring Digital Equity Across Hawaiʻi

To better inform the extent of broadband coverage at a household level, this project will utilize ʻAuamo Collaborativeʻs extended network to gather data on broadband access in rural communities across Hawai`i by deploying  community members to monitor quality of coverage, ability to access broadband services, and gauge broadband utility.


Providing a clear map of actual vs. claimed coverage will better address the needs of communities by informing policy efforts that aim to create community-led solutions.  The map will allow us to better address the needs of communities who do not have broadband access and no infrastructure to allow access to existing services.  The data will inform efforts towards creative solutions in creating community networks, advocacy for underserved communities, as well as providing a snapshot of what community members need access for.


Partners:, Kamehameha Schools, Papa Ola Lōkahi-tbc, Internet Society, State Office Of Planning GIS,  University of Hawaii JABSOM, Hawaiʻi Green Growth, and additional partners to be determined.

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